Summer Meals

Summer Meals
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The temperature is not the only thing that rises during the summer months. Every summer the demand for food rises in many McLennan County households.  With Waco schools out for the Summer many children who rely on reduced or free school meals for lunch and breakfast will now have to get their meals elsewhere. Often the families of these children must turn to other sources to make ends meet.

These alternate sources include food pantries and summer feeding sites. Buddy Edwards of Caritas has reported an increased demand during the summer months and has said, “Families typically have more mouths to feed during the summer since their kids are at home and overall food donations to Caritas drop off in the summer, so by the end of August we are generally almost out of food.”  The SOS food drive was held last month to help food pantries prepare for the summer months and alleviate some of the stress put on them.

In addition to food pantries, families can go to summer meal sites which are located throughout Waco and McLennan County. The feeding sites will serve breakfast and lunch to any child 18 or under and adults for only $2.00 for breakfast and $3.00 for lunch.

A current list of summer meal sites can be found here or by calling the MCHC at 254-224-8486 or Waco ISD at 254-750-3763.


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