Summer Feeding Program Posters Now Available

Summer Feeding Program Posters Now Available
May 21, 2010 No Comments Archives Hunger Coalition
Summer Feeding Program
Sites Operating June 7th to July 9th, and from June 7th to August 20th.

As of this morning/early afternoon (Friday, May 21st, 2010) the posters for the 2010 Summer Feeding Program (“Hunger Doesn’t take a Summer Break” ) are available for pick-up by organizations interested in promoting the site locations (through listing both school sites and other feeding sites).  Both non-profit and for-profit businesses can work to build up the awareness level of these crucial community opportunities for summer feeding this year. We have posters available in both English and Spanish language and are happy to provide those who request them with the amount that is needed.

Please send us an e-mail at (or use our websites handy contact form) to get in touch with us about the number of posters requested for your location.

To see examples of these beautiful posters that can soon be “Yours to Display!” please download these PDF versions as linked to below (and feel free to forward them on to any organizations, non-profit or for-profit, that may desire to also receive Summer Feeding Program promotional posters):

Eat for Free Poster (English) /  Eat for Free Poster (Spanish)

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