Success on the Day of Outreach!

Success on the Day of Outreach!
May 25, 2010 No Comments Archives Hunger Coalition

Be a Volunteer for the McLennan County Hunger CoalitionCongratulations, McLennan County Hunger Coalition members! We had a very successful Day of Outreach on Saturday, May 22nd. We feel especially grateful and appreciative of all the volunteers we had, who helped us in our contribution of awareness to our community about the Summer Feeding Program and the opportunities available to children for free meals throughout the summer. In South Waco alone around ten volunteers worked to pass out approximately 700 door-hangers and 300 pamphlets. Throughout Waco, over 2,500 handouts with information on the program were distributed in total making the impact of this outreach something we feel will be particularly effective in the long run at raising the overall level of awareness. Informational Posters were also distributed around local businesses and schools.

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