Reminder: March is National Nutrition Month

Reminder: March is National Nutrition Month
March 26, 2010 No Comments Archives Hunger Coalition
This month is National Nutrition Month
This alarming nutrition facts panel serves as documented evidence that paying attention to nutrition is important.

The month of March is almost over, and yet there is still time to reflect on National Nutrition Month as the campaign comes to it’s yearly close. We at the MCHC would like to remind folks in McLennan of the importance of good nutrition.

The National Nutrition Month campaign is sponsored by the American Dietetic Association. The organization aims to make individuals and families across the nation aware of how essential good food choices can be in leading a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a regular schedule for physical activity and bringing those behaviors into a regular habitual pattern is important as part of the process required for maintaining physical well being and balance between all aspect of ones life in finding what is necessary for proper nutrition.

The title of this year’s campaign has been “Nutrition from the ground up.” It is never too late to start a campaign for change. Whether one begins this March (or in April) with the activities and ideas suggested from the National Nutrition campaign.

For more information on starting a lifestyle with balanced nutrition, please visit the National Nutrition Month Website.

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