Online Food Handler’s Certification Course Now Available

Online Food Handler’s Certification Course Now Available
August 6, 2010 No Comments Archives Hunger Coalition
Food Rescue Certification Now Available OnlineI have some excellent news to share with you. If you have been interested in participating in the ongoing food rescue efforts of the McLennan County Hunger Coalition and volunteering to rescue and bring food to those in need throughout the McLennan community, but were unable to attend a Food Handler’s Certification course at the health department, then this news will be of particular interest to you.

Instead of taking the time out of your schedule to visit your local health department to complete an in-person course for Food Handling Certification, this training course can now be taken online and you will receive the same form of certification, which is now officially being accepted anywhere within the Texas state! This will make things even easier for you as a member of the McLennan County Hunger Coalition to become involved in these food rescue opportunities!

This new training option could significantly reduce the amount of time required to spend on this course. For one, even if in the end it takes approximately just as long in order to complete the course it can be done at any time of the day and can be paused whenever you’d like. If  you want to work on it for 20 minutes and then return the next day to work on it some more all you need to do is save your progress, remember your log-in information, and return when you plan on continuing. This could be a big benefit for you if this would be a more appropriate possibility for fitting the course into your ‘already likely to be busy’ schedule.

As another benefit worth noting, this nationally approved exam could also help to jump-start a career in food handling somewhere. You just never do know how this could come in use in the future.

All you need to get started is to visit:, which is run as a service of Safeway Certifications, a site which offers a number of certification options and begin the registration process in order to begin working on the Food Handler’s course.

This quality training costs $35 to complete. $15 is the cost for the certification training (as posted by the city of Waco), and $20 is a certification registration fee collected on behalf of Waco. There is a cost associated with training at the health department too so this may still
be something worthwhile for you if the idea is preferable to complete the training online.

Please note that in total the course is expected to take around 1 hour and 15 minutes (on average).

The McLennan County Hunger Coalition looks forward to seeing many more Food Rescue volunteers through this exciting opportunity. See you soon, rescuing food, and aiding those most in need!

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