On Tuesday, October 16th, Let’s NOT do lunch: Fast of Caring 2012

On Tuesday, October 16th, Let’s NOT do lunch: Fast of Caring 2012
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Sacrifice just one meal

Most of us have never missed a meal due to famine or poverty. The McLennan County Hunger Coalition (MCHC) is sponsoring their 3rd annual Fast of Caring on Tuesday, October 16—World Food Day. The Hunger Coalition would like to encourage everyone to participate by sacrificing their midday meal on October 16 in order to experience, first-hand, the feeling of hunger. The event is simple but powerful in its potential to focus upon our own blessings and the needs of others, locally and globally. A short ceremony will be held on October 16th, at The Shepherd’s Heart Food Pantry at1401 North 34th Street in Waco from 12:15 to 12:45 for participants from various companies, churches and organizations.  We will also take this opportunity to honor people in our community to who are working to alleviate hunger and poverty both here and around the world.


Your donations at work in the community

Participants are encouraged to donate the cost of the lunch they will be missing (approximately $7.50). Donations are strictly voluntary and it is not necessary to participate in the fast. All funds donated through the McLennan County Hunger Coalition will go to help fund the efforts of various food pantries and hunger ministries in Waco.


Needed: One contact person to represent your local business

We appreciate all that you do to help to fight hunger in our own community and hope that you can find one person in your organization to help spread the word about the Fast of Caring in your business. Please find enclosed a company registration form.  Please let us know if you will participate and if you plan on joining us at Shepherd’s Heart. Your contact person will spread the word at your organization, collect from those who would like to donate, and be responsible to keep record of contributions.  Brett Case, MCHC VISTA, will pick up the donations on Monday, October 18th or you may bring them to Friday’s ceremony.


Please call or e-mail Kenneth Moerbe or Brett Case to let us know if your organization plans on participating.


Kenneth Moerbe                                                                        Brett Case

McLennan County Hunger Coalition Chair Person                  McLennan County Hunger Coalition VISTA

254- 715-0143                                                                            254-224-8486

email: kpmoerbe@grandecom.net                                     email: vista@mclennanhunger.org

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