In the News: 8/13/10

In the News: 8/13/10
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HazelnutsHazelnuts seem to have a surprising number of good uses

A new grant has been awarded which will help to fund research in making the hazelnut potentially more crucial as an important food item, with multiple uses for the people that produce them, and for those who use them throughout the world. In particular, the aim includes an effort towards making the Hazelnut production levels increase in America (where currently only 5% of hazelnut production occurs) so that it can become a more commonly produced product here in the US.

According to researchers, the potential is huge. Apparently Hazelnuts will work on multiple levels: 1) They work as a nut (food item), 2) They can be used for cooking oils, and 3) they could be used as alternative fuel!

You read that last part right. And once the oil is removed, it can still be used as feedstock because removing the bio-diesel energy will not take away the hazelnut’s high protein source.

In other words, we could see an increase in produced Hazelnuts for both food and for fuel. Either way, it should be a win for the environment and for production of this food product.The only downside? It takes years to produce. It’s time to get started.

To read more about this subject please visit: ABC – Hazelnuts, not only for Food, but Fuel

Fast FoodNew Report suggests a healthier means of Eating Fast Food…

In an Interesting Way.

According to a report written by Dr. Darrel Francis for the American Journal of Cardiology the best way for fast food providers to stay health-concise of their many, many consumers would be to offer a medicine along with the food  they offer, something which would help to counter-balance the so often unhealthy food which is provided by these restaurants: such as the cholesterol lowering drugs known as statin. This would apparently offer customers an opportunity to lower their cholesterol back down to the levels they were at prior to eating up a Big Mac, Large Fries, and drinking a large Soda.

This is certainly not a normal thing to suggest for a healthier alternative to eating fast food. In fact, it seems to encourage unhealthy eating. And what fast food restaurant would want to give drugs with their food?  It would most likely diminish sales, and scare customers.  Can anyone picture a fast food employee asking someone “So, will that be three double cheeseburgers, two large fries, a milkshake, a large soda, three cookies, and some medicine that will help lower the bad cholesterol you’ll have after eating this meal — or would you just like a heart attack to go with that?”

Is this suggestion really helping to curve the bad practices of these major food chains or is even the suggestion simply saying that no healthy alternative will ever be in sight, and we should just accept the unhealthy food by taking more medicine? Even then, this would make people even more unhealthy ultimately, and is surely not what everyone wants. The whole notion is surprising given the fact these medicines are by prescription-only and are not proven to be effective on all people, but the idea is still being suggested by someone, which makes one wonder if or when something of the sort may ever have a chance to occur. While people have certainly taken some strong strides in attempting to eat healthier, it also appears to be that many citizens still have a long way to go.

For more information please see this article.

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