Census 2010: Children Count too!

Census 2010: Children Count too!
March 10, 2010 No Comments Archives Hunger Coalition

I would like to take a moment to remind all of you of the importance of counting children in this upcoming 2010 Census. Please help spread the word so that every child counts the same way every other individual should this census. The more children that are counted the greater the opportunities are that arrive in regards to state funding – which can benefit these entire families.

Census Day – April 1st, 2010 – is just 21 short days away from now. It is of the up-most importance that awareness is raised during that time. Let every voice be heard.

To view a recorded Webinar for the Census entitled: “Counting Every Child So Every Child Counts” please visit this website.

Please forward this information along to anyone who might find this of interest.

Here are some links for Dora the Explorer fact Sheets from Census 2010 (in association with Nickelodeon) to hang up or pass around to others:

http://2010.census.gov/partners/img/materials/dora_button_lg.jpg http://2010.census.gov/partners/img/materials/dora_button_lg_sp.jpg

Click Here for English Language Dora the Explorer Fact Sheet

Click Here for Spanish Language Dora the Explorer Fact Sheet

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