Bohemia Music & Poetry Festival & Canned Food Drive

Bohemia Music & Poetry Festival & Canned Food Drive
July 13, 2012 No Comments Archives Brett

Bohemia will be hosting a festival type event with poets, storytellers, musicians, and artists at Waco’s The Art Forum (located at 1826 Morrow Ave) on July 21.  Bring one canned food item or dry food item to get in free. All canned food donations will go to Shepard’s Heart Food Pantry of Waco.

There will be between 30 and 40 vendors selling food, art, beverages, goods, etc. There will also be a Bohemia table where you can order subscriptions, buy back issues, and get Bohemia merchandise.

Confirmed vendors: Mike’s Airbrushing, Courtney Woodliff, Brian Broadway, Pat Jones Photography, Summer Piercer’s Almost Edible Soaps N Things, Cecy Ayla, Patricia Kelly, Memory Boards by Megan Sheffield, CJ Jackson’s xbohica, Brandon Reasoner with Phoenix Threads (and more pending!) All night: Tea Aguilar – eclectic indie mix DJ 11:30 Kat Dixon of Married With Sea Monsters 11:00 Tea Aguilar Band 10:30 Cordial Roy – alternative rock 10:00 Well-Behaved Young Men – folk rock 9:30 The Fly Seks – indie hip-hop 9:00 Blind Rabbit Society – classic/alternative/progressive rock 8:30 Justin Roberts – soul vocalist 8:00 The Horton Duo Back issues, current issues, and subscriptions will be available for sale. Bohemia Journal is a color glossy art and literary journal printed locally in Waco, TX.  

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