Baylor’s Pound for Poundage Challenge

Baylor’s Pound for Poundage Challenge
March 22, 2010 No Comments Archives Hunger Coalition

Dear MCHC Coalition Readers,

Indiana Jones and the Weight Scale of Doom
Give a Pound. Gain a Pound.

Did you know you could be contributing food to the local Caritas and Mission Waco food banks with no cost directly attributed to yourself?

Scratch that. It is directly attributed to yourself, and not to the cash in your bank account, or the dollar bills in your wallet. It’s the weight that you lose.

I’ll wager that some of you were already aware of Baylor’s Pound for Poundage program but since many of you may not have been, here is the information you need to know to begin your food pantry contribution:

All you need is a pledge and the will-power to lose a pound (or several) for a pound of food to be donated (or several)!

Open the following page in a new window or tab:

Baylor Fitness Challenge

Then find the “fitness” tab on the site displayed and find the button for “Pound for Poundage”. After that you make your pledge. It’s as simple as that.

The final step you’ll need to take is to e-mail and give them the following information:

The Subject Line Must State “Pound for Pound”

Inside the body of the e-mail include this information: Your Name, Starting Weight, and Date of Pledge

Note: When making a pledge the food bank displayed is Capital Area Food Bank of Austin. That is the Food Bank that will be delivering food to Caritas and Mission Waco.

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