Baylor University: We Thank You!

Baylor University: We Thank You!
May 21, 2010 No Comments Archives Hunger Coalition

Baylor UniversityThe McLennan County Hunger Coalition was recently in need of acquiring some computers. A few of our staff members here at the coalition have been faced with certain problems directly as  a result of not having the right kind of equipment, as we needed, in order to truly have the benefit of effective technological progress.

Recently, I applied to the Baylor Internet Technology Department to seek possible donations for two PC’s and the equipment we would need to use with them.

Our wish has been granted. We are now the proud owners of some computer machinery that can effectively help us to continue our outreach goals towards ending hunger insecurity within our great McLennan community.

These computers have been generously donated by Baylor University, so we felt a special thank you was in hand for them showing their support to this truly important cause. This is us saying thanks: We appreciate it!


Neil D. Lumbard

McLennan County Hunger Coalition VISTA

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