Are you being counted? Census 2010 Update

Are you being counted? Census 2010 Update
March 3, 2010 3 Comments Archives Hunger Coalition

It’s that time of… decade.

Believe it or not, we are finally at the new Census for Texas. The McLennan County Hunger Coalition was represented at the 2010

Kick Off Breakfast event this Tuesday, March 2nd, where non-profit organizations from around the area were brought together at the City of Waco Quinn Campus. We had several members in attendance and chairperson Kenneth Moerbe and myself (as VISTA member for the coalition) were both in attendance for these proceedings.

Census 2010: Be Counted
Are you being counted? The 2010 Census is here.

The event was primarily to bring forth more awareness of the 2010 Census. How often is it that people forget to fill out their Census or simply are unaware that it is, you know, actually that time of decade? One of the goals of the breakfast was clearly to bring awareness to the need for promotion of the Census from Non-profits to clients.

We are prepared to make that awareness a reality of our coalition. We have the fliers, the posters, the pins, and other promotional materials. I even have a coffee cup. I don’t drink much coffee, but it could always be used for water. Or perhaps it could even be given to someone who does drink coffee and will use it on a daily basis to unknowingly promote the census as said individual groggily poors their daily cup of joe, yawns, and heads to work.

No matter the case of the coffee cup in question, the point is clear: the 2010 Census is upon us. Are you being counted?

Note: Please leave a comment! We would love to hear from our members and visitors about how you plan to help promote the 2010 Census.

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    Cheryl Allen

    Great article. Thanks coming to the breakfast and promoting the census. Thanks also for your emails.

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    great post as usual!

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