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As an active member of the McLennan Country Hunger Coalition, we would like for you to help us in reporting to our business and church communities, as well as our local and state government!  MCHC has made a commitment to ‘End hunger in McLennan County’ and we need the support of our communities and governments to do so!  Your help in reporting your statistics will help bring your efforts into these presentations as we give them.

We want you to report to us quarterly, what you accomplished.  Please let us know:

  1. Your Organization Name,
  2. Your Name (contact),
  3. Time Period,
  4. Your metric*,
  5. Any comments you would like considered.

* Metrics…  We want you to report what you keep, or how you track your offering.  Pounds, tons, number of meals, or number of boxes/bags will all work.  IF YOU CAN, please give us a weight (pounds/tons) so we can have a standard measure for everyone.



When you are ready to report, just

<CLICK HERE> to email us your report!



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