Feel free to email us: info@mclennanhunger.org

Quarterly Metrics

At MCHC we want to bring attention to our community of the work and accomplishments of our members.  We will be making presentations on the Coalition's behalf to businesses, churches as well as local and state government.  We need YOUR metrics (Click for Details)!

Material Submission

Have an event flyer you want to share with your fellow MCHC members?  Maybe a presentation you want to share at the next Members Meeting?

Submit your materials here
so we can be prepared to share your information.

Membership Renewal

Want to renew your membership online?  Simple, quick and... You're done!

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Meeting Rules

At MCHC we appreciate our members and want to respect them and their time.  When we meet we ask that all members respect these few simple rules so our meetings are timely and effective.  

  • Turn cellular phones on silent and please leave the meeting room if you need to take a call,

  • One person speak at a time,

  • If you have something to share with the group that will take more than 2-3 minutes, please email us in advance so we can build you into the meeting agenda (email us: Info@mclennanhunger.org),

  • Meetings will end at 1:00 pm (CST),

  • Avoid using acronyms as much as possible, unless they are all known by everyone in the meeting.  If you do NOT know what an acronym is that someone is using, do not be afraid to ask!

  • It is expected that everyone give and be received with respect!