Helpings: SNAP/Food Stamp Outreach Program

Helpings: SNAP/Food Stamp Outreach Program

Applying for SNAP/Food Stamp Benefits.

If you need food stamps/SNAP benefits. Please contact Esther Morales, Program Director of Helpings: SNAP/Food Stamp Outreach, by phone at 254-753-3545

To apply for benefits in person please visit the Helpings program, located at:

Caritas of Waco
300 South 15th Street
Waco, TX 76701

The Mission:

The Mission of Helpings is to “educate, advocate, and assist” individuals who are eligible for, but not currently enrolled, to receive the benefits that are available through the SNAP/Food Stamp program.

The Purpose:

The Purpose of the Outreach Program is to enhance the quality of each person’s life through healthy and nutritious foods provided by the SNAP/Food Stamp program.

The Process of SNAP/Food Stamp Benefits:

After applying for benefits, upon approval a Lone Star Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Card is issued for use in purchasing foods at any local grocery stores.

Based upon qualifications found in the application process you may qualify to receive emergency Food Stamps.

How much can be expected to be given in federal benefits?

The amount which is issued to each person or household is determined by the person’s income and their expenses related to shelter/housing.

What can be purchased with the benefits made available on an E.B.T. card?

All food items can be purchased using an E.B.T. card,  except for prepared food items (hot foods) made available from the Deli.

Savings Account — Food Benefits Information

Every month that Federal benefits are received through the SNAP/Food Stamp program, a direct deposit is made into the E.B.T. Card for use in procuring food items. Any amount of unused benefits may be stored off-line after three months, and will be removed after one year.

Information Needed to Begin the Application Process

A Picture I.D. — Driver’s License, Identification Card, Legal Residential Card, Veterans Card, or any Government or State issued Document.

Social Security Number — Needed in order to provide Food Stamp benefits to all family members in a household.

Proof of Income — Social Security, SSI Disability, Award Letters, Child Support Payments, Paycheck Stubs, and other income receipts.

Utilities — Receipts for Water, Gas, Light, Phone, Child Care, Child Support Payments, House Taxes, and House Insurance.

Medical Information — Receipts for payments made for medications, doctor visits, hospital bills, and over the counter prescriptions required by your physician. A printout of pharmacy statements for medications purchased is recommended. This information applies only to the disabled and those age 60 and above.

Address and/or Phone Number — A current address and/or phone number so that the Texas Department of Human Services can contact you for your interview.


For  more information about Food Stamp/SNAP and other benefits visit



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